What today's generation of retirees really want

The team at U on Sunday recently delved into what today's generation of retirees wants out of their retirement, and how Esperance is delivering it in spades.

Reside Communities
August 4, 2020

Everyone knows that most older Australians like a chat and are happy to share their opinions on many different subjects.

And why shouldn’t they? Today’s retirees have worked hard all their lives and finally have the time for a good chinwag and the wisdom that only comes from spending many decades on this planet.  

So when Reside Communities asked more than 40 locals aged over 65 from Hope Island and surrounds what their ideal retirement looked like, it was well worth paying attention.

Conducted over many animated hours, Reside used this invaluable research to tailor its new Esperance retirement community on Hope Island to a generation of retirees with a longer wish list than any who have gone before.

“When we started Reside Communities, we made a commitment to listen to what our current and future residents want out of retirement, instead of just guessing or deciding for them,” said Reside Communities CEO Glen Brown.

“That’s why we are so focused on talking to older Australians about their needs and investing in a lot of research to understand what it takes for them to have a rich and fulfilling lifestyle after all their years of hard work,” he said.

“Many of the retirement ‘must-haves’ we heard about from our Gold Coast participants are already well documented, such as the strong desire to remain independent, to live in an area they already know and to have financial security.

“Staying healthy and active was very important to every group we interviewed, which included having easy access to a gym, exercise classes, walking paths and other wellness activities.

“But it was also clear that older Australians are thinking ahead to a time in their lives when they could require more care and want the comfort of knowing this will be available without having to make major changes.”

Not surprisingly, a big factor for current Gold Coast residents was staying close to the water, which is no doubt why the Gold Coast is already one of the most desirable retirement destinations in the world.

Fortunately, Esperance Hope Island has that covered with its prime Hope Island location, 150 metres of direct canal frontage and proximity to boating, fishing and beaches. There will also be an indoor/outdoor resort style pool and an indoor-therapy focused pool for the complete water experience.

Another top requirement was having a sense of community and good neighbours while not being dependent on others and not having anyone else tell them what to do. One research participant noted that she currently lived in a complex with hundreds of townhouses but there was no interaction and just a lot of lonely people.

Retirement communities are designed specifically for older Australians who want to live among like-minded people and enjoy regular social connection, while retaining the freedom to travel the country and keep doing the things they love most.

Mr Brown says one of the biggest differences between a purpose-built Reside retirement community and a standard apartment or townhouse complex is the fact that residents have much more in common and feel a genuine sense of connection with other people.

“We are committed to delivering communities that put people first,” Mr Brown said. “This means creating an environment that is warm and welcoming – encouraging social connection and an active lifestyle but not at the expense of individuality and freedom of choice.

“Getting this balance correct was at the forefront of our planning for Esperance, which is why this community has such a wide range of home styles to choose from and so many different facilities for residents to enjoy.

“We are very fortunate to have so much space available to deliver on this vision, including provision for dedicated aged care living in the future.”

Apartments in the first stage of Esperance will range from spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes to three-bedroom penthouses that capture the famous Gold Coast water and island views.

Each apartment will feature a luxury kitchen, open plan living, generous balcony or courtyard, and walk-in robe while many Esperance homes will also have multi-purpose media rooms and study nooks.

The community will make maximum use of its sub-tropical, waterfront location with a new boardwalk running the full length of its canal frontage and a large green plaza as the central community gathering point.

The list of exclusive recreation amenities is enormous and includes a cinema, bar, café, library, private function and dining rooms, outdoor barbecue and entertaining spaces, gym, yoga and Pilates studio, and hair salon. Health and wellness spaces will be complemented by outdoor exercise lawns for activities such as yoga and tai chi.

Located on Sickle Avenue at HopeIsland, Esperance will be just across the road from all the shopping and dining at Hope Island Marketplace, and within easy walking distance of numerous health services – two other big ticket items on the retiree wish list.

To find out more, visit esperancehopeisland.com.au or call (07) 5510 9555. You can also follow the community’s progress on Facebook at facebook.com/EsperanceHopeIsland. undefined


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