Esperance’s picture perfect views go hi-tech

Talk about designer views! At Esperance, we have used powerful three-dimensional computer modelling to create stunning spaces – which also frame the outlook in the best way possible.

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November 2, 2020

Using the latest technology and visualisation software, our designers have already taken a virtual walk around inside our homes, checked out the view and made changes here and there – long before construction has even started.  

Katrina Miranda, National Interior Design Lead of Thomson Adsett, said: “One of the heroes of the design at Esperance really is the waterfront outlook and the sites proximity to it. Our design truly celebrates this from the community areas right down to the bedrooms in the apartments.

“We used 3D visualisation technology heavily throughout our design process for Esperance ,” said Ms Miranda.

“Just as a frame helps to accentuate the power in a painting or a reel of film, we’ve worked hard to ensure our interior environment ‘compositions’ are carefully balanced from left to right and top to bottom.

“Esperance, with its canal front vistas, really lends itself to this kind of design – more so than many other locations.”    

And while the water views are featured, Esperance residents will also enjoy uninterrupted vistas through to Surfers Paradise, Tambourine Mountain and the Hope Island golf course.

However, it’s not just about capturing the views in the most exciting way.

“Our mission to inspire and excite begins the moment you walk into reception. We’ve designed spaces which pique the imagination, with layers on layers of design to draw you in,” said Ms Miranda.

“When you enter, the eye is drawn beyond the reception desk to a showcase of the wide-ranging facilities including the café and bar, the salon and spa, the library lounge, cinema, with some areas framed by glimpses of the water.

“Not only does this create an open, inviting atmosphere that encourages one to come in and ‘explore’, but it creates an immediate understanding of the all-inclusive lifestyle on offer.

“It speaks to the level of luxury and sophistication at Esperance, which is matched by the quality of the fixtures and fittings throughout. We intentionally aimed to create places for people to meet, to wine and dine, to socialise, to relax and unwind, to pamper themselves.

“This is all part of an overall design vision to create a unique place where residents, visitors and staff feel welcome and part of the Esperance community.’’

For more information about Esperance or to book an appointment, call our Sales Manager, Justin, on (07) 5510 9555.


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