Esperance residences hit the road for art’s sake

There’s no shortage of places to go with the luxury ride available to Esperance residents.

May 18, 2024

Who doesn’t love a road trip, especially on the Gold Coast when there always so much to see and do? 

Esperance residents have been getting out and about regularly thanks to the brand-new Mercedes bus that’s for the exclusive use of members of our Hope Island community. 

With regular visits to Sanctuary Cove, Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, and the major shopping centres, there's always an exciting location to catch a ride to. 

Recently, a group of Esperance residents were able to experience a little piece of Italy on the Gold Coast, with an Esperance Escape to the Italian Renaissance Alive exhibition at the Home of the Arts in Surfers Paradise.

This stunning multisensory gallery is a showcase of iconic works such as the Sistine Chapel, Mona Lisa and Birth of Venus, all accompanied by a powerful operatic music score. 

The day was enjoyed by all, with many more Esperance Escapes planned in the future, and only limited by the by the imagination of our residents. 

Occupying a prestigious waterfront position in the heart of Hope Island, Esperance has handy access to several golf courses, the Gold Coast beaches and a wide range of boating, kayaking and fishing opportunities. Brisbane is also just 60 kilometres away via the MI Motorway.


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