Designed to make living a breeze

When you buy into Esperance, you are securing a home in a unique community specially created to deliver the perfect lifestyle for downsizers. Think Tank Architects director Michael Jullyan, who has worked closely with the Reside Communities team on the project, explains how the project literally has been designed to make living a breeze.

Reside Communities
September 4, 2020

If there was ever a place designed to make living a breeze, then the Gold Coast’s most luxurious new retirement community, Esperance, is it – in more ways than one.

Cleverly conceived to capture cooling northerly breezes and limit the colder ones from the south and west, architect Michael Jullyan believes there is very little on the coast to compare with Esperance.

“What makes this project so architecturally different is the sheer scale of its parklands in the heart of the community on the podium level,” he said.

While the parklands, spanning a hectare, will bring a new dimension to exclusive resident amenity, their presence will also play a key role as a kind of natural air conditioner.

“Not only will the parklands provide an abundance of places for residents to relax, entertain and connect with others, they will help to keep the community cool,” said Mr Jullyan.

“The attention that has been paid to the way the air flows throughout the development has made this a particularly exciting project to work on,” he said.

“We’ve designed the community’s buildings to maximise the size of the parklands. And because of Esperance’s prime location, we have been able to take advantage of the surroundings to produce homes that are naturally thermally efficient.

“The apartments have been specially designed to make the most of the northerly breezes, which are cooled when they pass through trees and other greenery.

“At Esperance, the breeze will pass through two golf courses as well as its own parklands with pine trees and other plantings before reaching the balconies of residents.

“The northerly winds are the ones we want, and we have focused our design efforts on capturing those.

“In addition, the scale of the green landscaping, complete with water features, lush lawns, and trees, will also help to soak up ambient heat.”    

For more information about Esperance or to book an appointment, call our Sales Manager, Justin, on (07) 5510 9555.


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