Breezy and blue: Esperance boasts beautiful views

It has been hard to miss the progress of construction at 1 Sickle Avenue, Hope Island, the location of Esperance - one of the Gold Coast’s most luxurious new waterfront retirement communities. 

Reside Communities
September 15, 2022

A name that means ‘hope’, Esperance is set to bring a new standard of retirement living to the Gold Coast, featuring five-star facilities and a team with experience running some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. 

Construction of Esperance’s first stage, Esprit, has just reached Level 7, the final floor within the community’s first building.  

Never before seen views from Level 7 now reveal uninterrupted panoramas over the Coomera River to South Stradbroke Island in the east, the Gold Coast city skyline in the south and Mt Tamborine in the west.  

Esperance General Manager and Gold Coast local Michael Foster says the stunning views now visible from Level 7 provide another layer of excitement for future residents. 

“Never before have retirees been able to experience this level of luxurious retirement living with five-star amenities and services set on prime canal frontage in the heart of Hope Island. With construction now reaching the final level it’s becoming a close reality for many excited buyers,” Mr Foster said. 

“We look forward to watching on as construction continues and we near the completion of Esprit, which houses Esperance’s first residences and the community’s luxury amenities.”


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