Big balconies and breezes just the beginning

Indoor-outdoor living makes perfect sense in our great climate. At Esperance, there’s much more to the design of its expansive balconies than just being perfectly positioned to make the most of the Coast’s cooling northerlies.

Reside Communities
September 4, 2020

Think Tank Architects Director Michael Jullyan, who worked with Reside Communities on Esperance, says a lot of thought goes into every aspect of a great design, and balconies are no exception.

The balconies at Esprit, the first stage of Esperance, have been designed to assist mobility as well as make the most of the fabulous views and breezes.

“We’ve carefully positioned each of the buildings at Esperance to allow for a stunning outlook from every apartment, with a mixture of vistas towards the river, ocean, city lights and mountains,’’ said Mr Jullyan.

One of the differences within the five-star Esperance design is the generous expanse of the balconies.

“Some of the balconies measure up to 45 square metres, which is massive and almost the size of a single bedroom apartment.

“We have also designed the balconies to be step-free to provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas and assist mobility as part of our age-friendly layouts.

“Step-free balconies are an outstanding feature of these apartments. While becoming more popular, you still don’t see them a lot.”

There are also no air conditioning condensers on the balconies either, with all units to be placed on the roof to maximise space where it counts as well as minimise noise.

“From a designer’s point of view, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of creating homes that allow residents to feel a sense of connection with their surroundings,” said Mr Jullyan.

“Even from the podium level which features the parklands, you’ll be able to look over and down at the surroundings.

“It’s one and a half storeys above ground level, so it’s also very private and secure. You would need a pole vault to get up there, and you will hardly notice it from the street apart from the tops of the trees.

“I liken the design of the podium parklands to a castle keep – for the residents it’s such a private and secure area.’’  

To find out more about Esprit at Esperance or book an appointment, call our Sales Manager, Justin, on (07) 5510 9555.


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