Essence reveal as scaffolding comes down!

The ‘unwrapping’ of our second stage at Esperance has commenced.

Reside Communities
April 29, 2024

Essence is taking great shape as the scaffolding from the top floors is removed, revealing the amazing new apartments for the first time.

It’s easy to underestimate what’s going on behind the scenes but this reveal shows a fully formed building that’s getting much closer to welcoming its very first residents. Look out for more of the real Essence as further scaffolding comes down!

In the coming weeks, we will be continuing with lots of activity in communal areas, including podium level garden bed planting and commissioning the Essence lifts.

Inside the project, appliances are being installed in our first completed kitchens on the lower levels while fit off of plumbing and electricity takes place on Level 2 and kitchen joinery is commencing on Level 6.

Please come back soon for our next construction update and always keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular news and events.